Musings from the Thesis team on Growth Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, and more.

Test: How Snapchat's Lifestyle Category Targeting Performs Vs Broad Targeting

At the suggestion of our Snapchat rep, we tested Snapchat's Lifestyle Categories that an account indexed strongly with to see how they performed relative to our standard broad targeting. 

What Is Signal Optimization And How Can It Improve Payback Periods For Paid Acquisition Efforts

A basic introduction to providing ad networks' with a feedback loop that helps their algorithms optimize for payback period rather than pure CAC.

Test: How TikTok's Recommended Category Targeting Performs Vs Broad Targeting

Every new TikTok ad group will come with a prompt suggesting interest and behavior categories. We wanted to test these recommendations and see how they perform relative to broad targeting.

Creative Testing Methodology: How Thesis Tests Creatives At Scale

At Thesis, we’ve developed a testing methodology that generates more learnings, quicker, while also protecting our core scaling campaigns from creative flops. We’ll show you exactly how we set up these creative tests and generate more creative wins for our clients.

How Facebook's Three Ad Relevance Rankings Correlate with Performance

A detailed look at how Ad Relevance Rankings correlate with actual performance.

iOS vs Android Delivery and Performance on Facebook Pre and Post iOS14.5

Inspired by a client with whom we’ve seen delivery shift dramatically away from iOS and towards Android, we wanted to see if this was part of a broad shift on the platform.

Benchmarking Facebook Video Ad Hook Rates

We wanted to establish some basic hook rate benchmarks for our own internal consumption and we thought these might be useful as a point of reference for the broader ecosystem.

D2C Facebook/Instagram Prospecting ROAS Benchmarks (Aug 2021)

We wanted to revisit our Prospecting ROAS benchmarks from February, given that we are now living in a post-iOS14.5 world. For the sake of comparison, we did our best to make this data comparable to our ROAS benchmarks from February 2021. 

FB Ad Account Structure Analysis For 12 Accounts At Scale

The best way I could think of to share what I’m actually seeing in the Facebook/Instagram universe was to do an aggregate analysis of a handful of ad accounts based on very recent data.

What Is Happening to Facebook Performance Post iOS14.5? - Part 2

Another attempt to look at platform-wide dynamics post iOS14.5 through the lens of Thesis clients' data.

What Is Happening to Facebook Performance Post iOS14.5? - Part 1

A feeble attempt to try to understand how Facebook's performance as a user acquisition channel has changed since the iOS14.5 rollout.

The Aftermath of iOS14 & Facebook Ads: The Top 7 Questions Advertisers Are Asking… ANSWERED

Dara & Barry of the Thesis growth team answer the top 7 questions we’ve seen thus far about the iOS14 changes and their impact on Facebook campaigns. 

20 EASY Iterative Creative Tests to Launch On Facebook+Instagram Today

Nothing is more important than creative in today’s paid social landscape. Research shows that creative is responsible for ~50% of performance variance.

About Conversion and Value Optimization Using Detailed Targeting

If detailed targeting is used to "guide" ad delivery, how far off is the DTC equivalent of Facebook's Automated App Ads?

How We Audit Paid Search Accounts #2: Search Keyword Match Type Distribution

The second post in our paid search account audit series in which we take a look at search keyword match type distributions.

An Inside Look At The Performance For 13 Subscription-Only DTC Brands

When managing subscription-only ad campaigns on Facebook, return on ad spend becomes nearly meaningless. Profitability rarely ever happens after the first purchase but typically comes from a user’s lifetime value as they submit recurring payments months into the future.

With Platform Attribution On The Decline, It’s Time For Digital Advertisers To Lean Into Blended ROAS

It’s time to admit the days of relying on a social platform’s native ads manager to evaluate and optimize ad performance are likely coming to a close. In 2021, Blended ROAS will be our first step as advertisers to overcome this wrench in platform attribution.

Diagnosing Incrementality Issues on Facebook: Benchmarking View-through Conversions As A % Of Total Conversions

When we audit prospective new client accounts, I always look for tell-tale signs that they might have an incrementality problem.

Comparing Google Analytics Last Click Transaction Reporting vs Facebook Purchase Reporting for a Basket of 8 DTC brands

Like every other online advertiser, we see differences between what Google Analytics records on a last click basis and what Facebook's pixel reports, even when using a 1-day click attribution window. We wondered if there may be consistent discrepancies, so we dove into the data.

What is the Average Facebook Ad Frequency for DTC Brands?

It’s estimated that the average person sees between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day, so it's incredibly difficult for your ad to cut through the clutter if someone only sees it once a month. What really is the golden number of times to reach a user?

A Quick Look Inside A ~$600k Per Month YouTube DTC Ad Account

I very rarely see D2C brands with meaningful YouTube ad spend being measured on a performance basis. For this post, I'll be breaking down the basics of the setup for Brand X, which spends just north of $600k per month on prospecting on YouTube.

Distribution Of Spend Across Facebook Ad Placements For 15 DTC Brands Using The Automatic Placements Feature

iOS 14 is forcing Facebook to implement a variety of platform changes, and one of these changes is the removal of placement breakdowns. With this loss of data looming around the corner, it’s more important than ever to understand where this feature is distributing your ad spend.

D2C Facebook/Instagram Prospecting ROAS Benchmarks

At Thesis we perform new ad account audits nearly every day. To aid those conversations, I've maintained my own internal ROAS benchmarks for reference. In this post, I've sanitized that ROAS data so that I can share it for general consumption!

If You Want Successful TikTok Ads You Can’t Treat Them Like Facebook Ads

Despite launching ads for the first time in just 2019, TikTok has quickly become a go-to platform for industry leaders. TikTok is vastly different from what we’re used to on Facebook in two different capacities: measurement and creative.

Distribution of FB Spend for 14 D2C Brands: Image vs Video Creative

These days an overwhelming amount of attention is paid to video creative, and for good reason! Thesis now offers creative services including video production and post-production, and I find that most discussions online about FB/IG creative focus primarily on video assets.

How 15 Brands Are Being Impacted By Facebook’s New Default Attribution Window

In advance of Apple’s promise to crack down on user tracking on iOS, Facebook has begun implementing a series of updates to the platform that will forever change the way advertisers optimize and collect data.

How Growth Agencies Structure Facebook Ad Accounts

As we've grown Thesis, I've taken a much greater interest in the agency ecosystem specifically. I'm curious about how agencies decide where to focus, how they position their services, and how they execute.

YoY Analysis of Facebook Reach Costs+CPCs For A Basket of 10 US Subscription eComm Brands

I've spent time this year doing ad hoc analysis of year-over-year January performance for a handful of subscription ecomm brands. To make sure I wasn't missing any macro trends, I analyzed Facebook campaign data for a basket of North American focused, D2C subscription clients.

How We Audit Paid Search Accounts #1: Search Term Efficiency

Thanks to my work with Thesis, I have the opportunity to regularly audit paid search accounts from various ecommerce/D2C and lead gen brands. Over the years, I've developed a few quick reports that I use to gauge account health & expansion opportunities.

Privacy’s Impact on Facebook Performance

Privacy regulations are a new challenge marketers need to overcome, as platforms like Facebook are increasingly implementing their own requirements. And the results of non-compliance are dramatically impacting conversions.

Traffic Source Distribution Analysis For 30 Brands

Here is a sample summary of this blog post. We'll give you the gist in just a few sentences.

Why We Test Long-Form Content Landing Pages For D2C

Prior to starting Thesis, I dabbled with content arbitrage/slideshow sites. These sites featured awful content, misleading ad placements, and worse. One benefit of this work is that I spent a great deal of time looking at native ads, and came across a lot of effective DR funnels.

The Power Of Incrementality Testing

I'm obsessed with incrementality testing, and generally skeptical about paid retargeting and view-through attribution. With that obsession in mind, I'm happy to share the results of a number of lift tests that the Thesis team and our clients have run over the last 6 months.

Introducing Thesis

I'm very pleased to introduce Thesis, a company focused on conversion rate optimization and growth marketing that I started roughly 2 years ago. Today we are a team of 34, and we're proud to work with a number of growth marketing teams & agencies.