Benchmarking Mobile vs Desktop Conversion Rates (Via Google Analytics)

I'm regularly asked what a "normal" mobile conversion rate is in comparison to a site's desktop conversion rate. The reality, of course, is that there is no definitive answer to that unless. Nonetheless, we set out to at least establish a rule-of-thumb benchmark for that metric.


  • We pulled YTD Google Analytics data for 15 eCommerce and Lead Gen brands operated in the United States.
  • Each of those brands was doing at minimum $20m per year in top-line revenue annually and had a full Universal Google Analytics configuration (mind you UA is being replaced by GA4 soon-ish).
  • We pulled conversion rate data for all traffic and we pulled filtered data for Direct, Organic Search, and Paid Search. We recognize that Paid Social traffic grossly over-indexes mobile and so we wanted to look at those other traffic sources to see if the same conversion rate ratios held once that paid social/mobile effect was controlled for.


On average, desktop conversion rates for all traffic were 1.9x that of mobile. Obviously, in the data above you can see a ton of variance from brand to brand. That said, intuitively 2x seems like a solid rule of thumb.

Below are the filtered results by Default Channel Group which more or less confirm the same ratios:


Organic Search

Paid Search


So there you have it! If you ever are pressed for the classic desktop vs mobile conversion rate comparison I think 2x is a solid and reasonable answer.

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